The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention

– Oscar Wilde

Those that suffer from Scleroderma face bigger challenges than most.
And Scleroderma takes no prisoners.
It does not discriminate.

It holds no respect for age, sex, race or ethnicity.
Scleroderma does not care.

However there is one quirk: for reasons still unknown, 80% of sufferers are female.

Scleroderma impacts on sufferers lives in many ways and no area of the body is safe. Slowly, but surely, it becomes debilitating and ultimately leads to reduced life expectancy.
It also doesn’t help that there is no cure.

You can change the life of someone suffering Scleroderma by raising money your own way.
All it takes is a big heart and a great idea.

And to help us, we would love to have you on board!

Ready to get started?
Here’s how!

Get fundraising ideas and inspiration.

From the creative to the more conventional, there’s a way for everyone to raise funds and be a hero for kids. Check out some of the fundraising ideas here.

Decide on your fundraiser.

And to help, we want to make sure that starting your own fundraising event is easy and fun!  Here are some handy tips, tools and resources to get you started.

Register your fundraiser.

You’re ready to start raising funds and be a Sunflower Hero for those with Scleroderma? Great!

Register your event with us and set up your Everyday Hero fundraising page.

Share your fundraising page and ask for support.

Share the link to your fundraising page with all your friends and family and ask them to show their love by donating to your event or campaign. Send them an email or post the link to your Facebook page or other social media channels.

Start raising money for Scleroderma!

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