Our Sunflower Heroes PROMOTE FUNDRAISE CREATE AWARENESS SUPPORT for those suffering from Scleroderma

A “Sunflower Hero” is someone who helps create awareness for Scleroderma and make a real difference to the lives of individuals and families affected by the disease.

Who can be a “Sunflower Hero”?

Simply – Anyone!

You. Your family. Your friends. Your work colleagues. Your Facebook buddies. Your next door neighbours. Literally anyone and everyone!!

The more “Sunflower Heroes” we have, the more we can spread awareness, raise funds, help find a cure and support those in need.

Why become a “Sunflower Hero”?

Simply, to support those who suffer from the disease. It currently has no cure and the more people involved, the quicker a cure will be found. Scleroderma doesn’t discriminate, so it affects all ages, genders and nationalities.

And it’s fun! If you want to fundraise, not only do you get to show off your creative side, you get to spend time with family and friends while raising funds for a great cause.

What’s the obligation?


That may sound strange, but the great thing about being a “Sunflower Hero” is that you decide the “how and why” of your involvement and to what level.

We understand that people are busy at different times in their lives, so if the timing is not right at the current time, you can follow us on social media, via our website and our eNewsletters. Just letting someone else know about us is great.

We don’t hassle and you choose when you want to be involved. Simple!

You in? Join Now! (psst, it’s FREE!)

We’d love to have you on board. Simply click on the icon below to join and become a “Sunflower Hero” today!

And if you know of anyone else that might like to get on-board, please don’t hesitate to refer them to us.

Why the Sunflower?

To raise awareness about Scleroderma, the sunflower has been adopted as the national icon.

The sunflower is symbolic, which, like the sunflower which turns towards the sun for warmth, people with Scleroderma are usually more comfortable in warmer weather.


Number of Sunflower Heroes


Funds Raised So Far

Target = $75,000

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