What’s it about?

World Scleroderma Day is celebrated in June around the world each year. It is an occasion where the Scleroderma Community comes together as one to create awareness and fundraise for Scleroderma.

As such we are asking our “Sunflower Heroes” and their family and friends to join us to collect their spare change from 1st June through to 30th June, 2018.

How does it work?


Decide how your going to collect your spare change

Grab a spare coin tin, a jar, large cup, anything!

Then contact us for a “Change for Scleroderma” sticker to let everyone know what you are doing and get them to get that loose change out of their wallets and pockets!

Start collecting your spare change

When you have any spare change that you don’t need, simply put into your coin collection box.

Our fundraiser starts on the 1st June and ends on the 3oth June.

Get all the family and friends involved for a great cause.

Deposit your coin collected

After 30th June, when you get a spare moment, take your coin collected and deposit into our Bank account.

Closer to the cut-off date, we will provide you with all banking details you’ll need and reference ID.


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